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Lease Management

A leased property is a good investment but the inherent legal obligations require a lot of availability and legal knowledge. Gerimob proposes to help you, offering the following services:

Financial and Accounting

  • Rent collection;
  • Receipt issuance (on paper and/or online through the official portal of the National Tax Authority);
  • Delivery of tax declarations related to the property;
  • Accountability, with the issuance of incoming income listings, expenses paid and deposits in the owner’s account;
  • Management of the process of rent increase, ordinary or extraordinary.


  • To file and register lease contracts;
  • Checking for tenants’ compliance with contractual obligations;
  • Compliance with administrative obligations related to the leased property;
  • Representation of the owner in the Condominium Assemblies.


Our experience together with the knowledge of the lawyers we work with guarantee:

  • Support in the analysis of new lease agreements;
  • Promoting collection in case of late payment;
  • Follow-up and support in case of eviction process;
  • Mediation of conflicts.


  • Regular visits to the property to verify its conservation status;
  • Replacement of lamps;
  • Requisition and control of mandatory inspections of building equipment (elevators, gas, etc).

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