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Condo Management

Administrative service

  • Constitution of the Condominium;
  • Elaboration of the Internal Regulation if it does not exist;
  • Execution of convening notices for general and extraordinary meetings of joint owners and presidency at the meetings;
  • Execution of the decisions taken at the joint owners’ meetings;
  • Check for the existence of compulsory insurance;
  • Collection and organization of all documentation related to the building;
  • Legal Support – The stability of the relations between owners is a fundamental factor for the proper functioning of our company;
  • Debt recovery – We have a wide experience in this area, which together with the competence of the lawyers with whom we work, allow us to obtain excellent results.


  • Request of the building’s taxpayer card;
  • Opening of bank accounts on behalf of the condominium;
  • Collection of quotas and issuance of receipts;
  • Creation of the annual budget;
  • Annual accounting report;
  • Issuance of notices and receipts for the collection of quotas;
  • Issuance of billing notices for overdue quotas;

Technical services

  • Carry out contracts with the various services (water meters, electricity, elevators, maintenance, among others).


  • Periodical visits to the building;
  • Inspection deadline control of the gas installations in common areas;
  • Inspection deadline control of the elevators;
  • Checking the proper functioning of the necessary external services of the condominium;
  • Supervise the execution of necessary maintenance.


  • Gerimob has partnerships with cleaning companies which guarantee the best solutions regarding the management of common areas.

Free support

  • We provide clarification and we mediate issues related to the common areas of your building.

Support to owners

  • Internet access to the accounting and financial information of your condominium;
  • Multiple options at your disposal to make the payment of your quotas in a simple and comfortable way.

Budget Request

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